Our Story

"Our personal story is very much about growing up with music being played in our families", explains Hannah. "It is such a big part of our lives, about home. When Jack and I met for the first time, we immediately started improvising together, before we even talked to each other. It was a truly magical moment and we both felt a profound connection. It felt like we had known each other all our lives, like sharing access to the same kind of memories."

After that first meeting in 2013 during a concert, Jack and Hannah abandoned a hectic city life to work on their music in the rural countryside of Suffolk, East Anglia. The result was Egregore, inspired by the natural rhythm of elements, the changes of the seasons and sounds of the ocean, as well as the people and community.

"One of my ancestors was taught by Chopin, and the well-known French philosopher Henri Bergson is in my family. He wrote about the nature of time, perception and memory, something that is deeply reflected in the music and in our personal experience. Hannah grew up not far away from the French border and studied in Paris", says Jack. "There is definitely French influences in the music. She is German and we first met in Oxford. This is very personal music, and at the same time, a very European story."

Now based in Berlin, they continue with their borderless outlook on life and music.