"Pescod has teamed up with German violinist Hannah Vogt to produce some of his most intriguing, irresistible music yet: a combination of composed classical music and modal jazz. Vogt's darkly evocative playing is a perfect complement to Pescod's well etched melodies.)) Imagine the score to a forgotten continental noir movie, or the sudden sound of a Buenos Aries based radio station you fleetingly chanced upon when turning the dial of an old radio. The compact, co-wrote pieces, tight enough to fit on a 45, are fleeting vignettes, each one an appetiser for the next. The perfect pleasure."
Gary Booth, former BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

Jack and Hannah are an English-German duo who share both a deep musical heritage, and a very contemporary story. As duo and soloists, Jack and Hannah have performed for BBC television, Palma Film festival, Latitude, Glastonbury, Brecon and London Jazz festival, and many more.

Through piano and violin, they have created a distinct crossover of composed classical music with modern improvisation. With a sound rooted both in modal jazz and the romantic nostalgia of the turn of the century, they play and re-create original compositions from their album Egregore, producing an ambience of atmospheric, intimate, filmic imagery.